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Giulia Anastasia
Senior Programme Manager
As a pragmatic professional with the ability to adapt to the unexpected, Giulia enjoys being the ‘go-to-gal’ in both her professional and personal life. Recognized for her natural aptitude for understanding the subtle nuances of others’ needs, she is able to transform ideas into action, develop creative solutions to challenging problems, and build strong relationships and networks along the way. She believes assertive communication and Mindfulness in the workplace are key to maintaining a good work-life balance, a tenet she tries to live by.

Giulia is a self-confessed food-lover with a soul music addiction. Her artistic flair and passion for interior design regularly leads her to creatively rearrange her furniture, particularly when she feels out of sorts.

Originally from Rome, Italy, she is a true lover of her hometown and is proud of her country’s amazing heritage. That being said, she is known for being a bit of a globetrotter! Whenever she has the opportunity, Giulia goes backpacking all over the world, trying to satiate her hunger for new experiences.

Her favourite quote is: “If there is no solution to the problem then don't worry about it. If there is a solution to the problem, then don't worry about it.” ― The Dalai Lama

Latest activities

- , Roma, Italy
, Milan, Italy
, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Latest news

Migraines: a point on mechanism-based and disease-specific therapeutics
Migraines are a common disabling headache disorder.
Reproductive Medicine in the pandemic: the burden of COVID-19 on fertility treatments
The field of Reproductive Medicine saw many plans put on hold in the wake of Covid-19. 


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