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Serena Dell'Ariccia
Serena is energetic, outgoing and has a great eye for detail. She is able to transpose her natural optimism, and her ability to achieve high standards, into any environment, which has led to positive outcomes in both her personal and professional life. Whether she is engaging with clients, organising an event, researching a new restaurant to try, a new destination for her travels, or cooking for friends, Serena always gives 110%.

Whilst she is ambitious, passionate and resilient, she also has a strong moral core. Her outlook is rooted in the principles of equality and justice – an unwavering ethos that she stands by, regardless of the circumstances.

Originally from Rome, her family is spread across the Globe. “This is probably how I got into events management in the first place!”, she says. “can you imagine how it is, to arrange for all my family to come together for dinner, at the same place, at the same time?!”
She reveals in taking each day as it comes with a levity of spirit - “I learnt that irony and lightness can make your day, even in the worst looking situations!” 

Latest activities

- , Roma, Italy
, Milan, Italy
, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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