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Migraines: a point on mechanism-based and disease-specific therapeutics

Migraines are a common disabling headache disorder.

Reproductive Medicine in the pandemic: the burden of COVID-19 on fertility treatments

The field of Reproductive Medicine saw many plans put on hold in the wake of Covid-19. 

Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation and Covid-19

The pandemic’s disruption of our everyday lives has led to a rise in mental health concerns.

Covid-19, vaccines and the challenge of herd immunity

Despite the unprecedented amounts of scientific data on the Coronavirus, it is still unclear what the future has in store for SARS-CoV2. 

The Importance of Gut Microbiota in Glycemic Control

With a focus on gut microbiota, we examine why a deeper understanding of factors influencing obesity and diabetes is needed to create, and implement, therapeutic strategies that improve patient outcomes.

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