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International workshop
Improving Success in ART
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Viru väljak
10111 Tallinn

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In collaboration with EXCEMED, this interactive programme was dedicated to physicians and embryologists working in ART.


Controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) now plays a major role in optimising IVF outcomes by facilitating control of different aspects of the process and increasing the number of oocytes available. COS aims to achieve maximal success with minimal side effects.

Progress in and understanding of ovarian physiology, as well as new advances in ovarian stimulation strategies have made it possible for healthcare professionals to achieve the optimal outcomes for patients.
Success in assisted reproductive technology (ART) depends on carefully controlled conditions in every step of the laboratory routine.
In addition, continuous advances in technology require constant revision of good laboratory practices and the introduction of new techniques. This educational activity will improve the participants’ knowledge of the latest technologies and laboratory practice guidelines.

The learning activity offers an interactive programme with specialised lectures tailored to fit the needs of physicians and embryologists working in ART, followed by lectures and case studies.Learners will have the opportunity to discuss, directly with renowned scientists, pertinent topics that have been the subject of controversy and innovation. Discussions will concentrate on how to facilitate optimal laboratory conditions, culture environments, selection criteria and how to select the best therapy for infertile patients.

Learning objectives

By attending this live intervention, participants will be able to:
• Define laboratory and clinical outcomes for defining success in ART
• Key factors influencing the success of ART
• Tailor the best stimulation protocol for patients undergoing ART
• Discuss and debate changing approaches to ART

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Federico II University of Naples
Naples, Italy
Fertility Centre Hamburg, Germany
IVF Unit, Elisha Hospital, Haifa, Israel
Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI)
Valencia, Spain
King's College London
London, United Kingdom