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International workshop

International MRIlab - A Journey From The Basics To Advanced Methodologies of MRI

- Siena, Italy

Med-Ex Learning is Scientific Secretariat for this collaborative EXCEMED Programme. These International MRILab Workshops are designed for a group of young neurologists/ neuroradiologists or other professionals with particular interest in quantitative MRI applied to research in Multiple Sclerosis


2021 Joint Pre-ECTRIMS Live Online Workshop

- Online, Italy

The 2021 Joint Pre-ECTRIMS Live Online Workshop is designed for young neurologists and nurses with specific interest in Multiple Sclerosis.

EXCEMED Live Educational Workshop Infettivologo e Neurologo nella SM_ Cinquanta Sfumature di Grigio  II
Local workshop

Infettivologo e neurologo nella SM: cinquanta sfumature di grigio

Rome, Italy

In collaborazione con EXCEMED e l’Università di Tor Vergata questo workshop aveva l’obiettivo di fornire un aggiornamento sui nuovi farmaci per la SM e sulla gestione dei rischi infettivi.

International workshop

Improving Success in ART

Tallinn, Estonia

In collaboration with EXCEMED, this interactive programme was dedicated to physicians and embryologists working in ART.

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